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Active Listening for Auditors

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Date(s): Feb 10, 2022
Time: 8:00AM - 12:00PM
Registration Fee: $79.00
Cancellation Date: Feb 03, 2022
Location: Online

Course Description

People often confuse the physical act of hearing with the emotional art of listening. The modern educational system emphasizes speaking and writing, but does not teach the important skill of active listening.

When you genuinely listen you show respect, create trust, and develop rapport. Active listening also helps you

1) identify and solve problems,

2) increase your knowledge and

3) avoid misunderstandings

Potential CPE Credits: 4.0

Instruction Type: Live
Experience Level: ALL
Category: Communications

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain why listening skills are important

  • Identify key reasons why we can fail to listen effectively

  • Explain why we listen

  • Define active listening

  • Identify 3 types of information

  • Identify and explain listening strategies

  • Adopt simple techniques to ensure that they listen effectively

Detailed Course Outline

What is Active Listening?

  • Discuss the differences of Listening vs. Hearing

Why Should You Care?

  • The benefits of active listening and why it matters

  • The 4 reasons we listen

What's Stopping You?

  • 6 barriers to good listening

Increase Your Listener Awareness

  • The 4 listening styles

  • The stages of listening

  • How to manage your noise

Listening Strategies

  • 6 ways to improve your listening

  • How to exercise empathy

  • Practice paying attention



No Prerequisites Required.


Robert Berry

Robert Berry is an international speaker/presenter/trainer focusing on risk management, internal auditing and soft skills. He is a frequent and highly rated speaker / trainer at many industry conferences.

Robert is also a writer / author. He has penned more than 100 articles on risk, audit and compliance on his company’s blog and for multiple industry publications.

His company, That Audit Guy LLC, focuses on training individuals in person, live virtually and through on demand courses. Robert has several private clients and also delivers training directly to consumers.

He has written two books directly related to internal auditing. Ask, Get, Perform: The Auditors Essential Guide to Asking Better Questions, Getting Better Answers, and Performing Better Audits broke the top 50 on Amazon in the US and hit #1 in France. His other book, Creating Wonderful Workpapers: The Auditor's Essential Guide to Delivering Good Documentation, is highly recommended on Amazon.

Robert is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Information Systems Auditor, Six Sigma Greenbelt and a Certified Virtual Presenter.

Additional Information

TAC Rule 523.142(g) requires the CPE Sponsor to monitor individual attendance and assign the correct number of CPE credits. Participants will be asked to document their time of arrival and departure in compliance with this Rule. Additionally, attendance will be monitored throughout the day and CPE certificates will reflect actual attendance of each participant.

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