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Fundamental Goals of Cybersecurity

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Date(s): Aug 11, 2022
Time: 8:00AM - 12:00PM
Registration Fee: $119.00
Cancellation Date: Aug 04, 2022
Location: Online

Course Description

This course is designed for the student that is looking for a little more than what is offered in a 1-hour Cybersecurity Awareness Class. As a member of an organization and as an IT auditor, you owe it to your clients and yourself to be aware and to have a thorough understanding of the potential consequences of not being cyber secure. Knowing what is required and the consequences of not being cyber secure will broaden your awareness while conducting your audit. Cyber security is about protecting information, which is often the most valuable asset an organization will own.

The 3 Fundamental of Cybersecurity are :

  • Confidentiality - any important data you have should only be accessible to people or by systems to who you have given permission.

  • Integrity - the assets themselves and information they contain must continue to be complete, intact and uncorrupted.

  • Availability - all systems, services and information must be accessible when required by the business or its clients.

To achieve and maintain these goals, good cyber security requires:

  • Determining the assets that are so important to the business that they need to be kept secured at all times .

  • Identifying the threats and risks.

  • Identifying the safeguards that should be put into place to deal with these threats and risks.

  • Monitoring the safeguards and assets to manage security breaches.

Potential CPE Credits: 4.0
Govt Hours: This class meets 4.0 hours of the 24-hour requirement for governmental CPE under Government Auditing Standards (yellow book), in most cases.
Technical Hours: This class meets 4.0 CPE credits of technical training in compliance with Texas Admin. Code Rule 523.102.

Instruction Type: Live
Experience Level:
Category: Auditing

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course the participants will understand the fundamental of Cybersecurity and will be able to: Define understand the 3 Fundamental of Cybersecurity. Understand and determine what is a valued asset. Define and understand what a threat is. Define and understand threats versus risk. Determine how to safeguard or mitigate risk. Course Overview Questions and Answers (Q&A).

Course Outline

Lesson 1.

  • Define and understand the 3 fundamentals of Cybersecurity.

  • Define the understand what is defined as important data.

  • Define and understand how to maintain data integrity.

  • Define and understand systems accessibility and authorization for use.

Lesson 2. Establishing Cybersecurity Goals /Some Tips for Goals Setting

  • Define what your Security Goals.

  • Identify Risk and Threats.

  • Know your Cost Business Cass (BCA)

  • Est Metrics (KPI's)

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Training

  • Identify Target and Maintenance

  • Schedule Back-Ups

  • Expert Advise /Consultants

  • EXAMPLE of Business Cases

Lesson 3. Manage and Safeguard Security Breeches

  • What is defined as a Security Breech? And the different types

  • What can you do to Prevent a Breech?

  • What constitutes a security Breech?

  • What should companies do to protect their Organization from a Data breach

  • EXAMPLES of the other Business Cases Data Breeches

Lesson 4 Course Overview Questions and Answers(Q&A)


3-5 years professional experience or an undergraduate degree in computer science , information technology, strong communication and analytical skills or Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).


Connie Allaire

Mrs. Clydea (Connie) Allaire is President and Founder of Allaire’s Management Consulting Firm. She is a retired Army Officer and Military Veteran with 25 plus years of demonstrated success in Information Technology. She has held key management positions in the military, government, and private industries. While working with the government and during the 44th Presidential administration Mrs. Allaire successfully completed a career development assignment with The Federal Chief of Information Management Office assigned to the Executive Office of the President Office (EOP) and Management and Budge White House Communications located in Washington DC. While assigned to the Army CIO/ G-6 Cybersecurity Directorate she served as the Drone Technology Authorization Lead. Other key management positions held by Mrs. Allaire include Chief Information Officer (CIO), Program and Project Manager, IT Cloud Application Migration/Transition Lead, Supply Chain Risk Management Officer and Lead for IT Policy and Governance. Mrs. Allaire has served as an adjunct professor at the University level and has supported a myriad of other Information Technology innovative initiatives.

Mrs. Allaire earned her Master’s Degrees in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Phoenix and a Master’s Certification in Security Leadership. She has a bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Western Illinois University. She is a graduate of the Army’s Command and General Staff Collège. Ms Allaire is an active member of The Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) and The US Women Chamber of Commerce.

Additional Information

TAC Rule 523.142(g) requires the CPE Sponsor to monitor individual attendance and assign the correct number of CPE credits. Participants will be asked to document their time of arrival and departure in compliance with this Rule. Additionally, attendance will be monitored throughout the day and CPE certificates will reflect actual attendance of each participant.

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