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Pursuant to Texas Government Code, Sec. 2262.004, purchasing personnel of a state agency must disclose information regarding certain relationships with, and direct or indirect pecuniary interests in, any party to a major contract with the state agency prior to the award of a major contract. As required by Texas Government Code, Sec. 2262.004(c), the SAO has created this form for state agencies and institutions of higher education to report those relationships. This form should be maintained by the agency or institution of higher education and provided to the agency’s administrative head as required by Texas Government Code, Sec. 2262.004(b). This form should not be returned to the SAO. The SAO is not responsible for collecting the forms or for interpreting the statutory requirements. Please consult with your agency’s general counsel to determine whether the requirements apply to a specific contract and how best to implement those requirements.

Nepotism Disclosure Form (.pdf)

Nepotism Disclosure Form (.docx)

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