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Multiple Agencies

A Quarterly Report of Full-Time Equivalent State Employees
For The Quarter Ending August 31, 1999

January 2000

Report No. 00-703

Overall Conclusion

There were 264,331 full-time equivalent (FTE) state employees for the quarter ending August 31, 1999, based on reports submitted by 212 agencies and institutions of higher education. There were 243,170 full-time state employees and 47,546 part-time state employees. Agencies and institutions of higher education reported using 31,153 contractors and consultants as of the last working day of the quarter. The overall statewide management-to-staff ratio was 1 manager to 12.30 staff members. The Incentive and Productivity Commission failed to submit its data.

Key Facts and Findings

Fifty-eight percent of the State's employees work in state agencies:

  • Almost three-quarters work for health and human services or public safety and criminal justice agencies.
  • Ninety-one percent work for the 15 largest agencies, which make up 11 percent of total agencies.

Forty-two percent of the State's employees work at institutions of higher education:

  • Over one-third of higher education employees are paid with funds that are not appropriated by the State.
  • Over one-third of higher education employees work in health-related institutions.
  • Almost three-quarters of higher education employees work for The University of Texas System, the Texas A&M University System, or one of their components.


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