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A Quarterly Report of Full-Time Equivalent State Employees for the Quarter Ending May 31, 2000

July 2000

Report Number 00-713

Overall Conclusion

Texas had 272,941.48 full-time equivalent (FTE) state employees for the quarter ending May 31, 2000, based on reports submitted by 210 agencies and institutions of higher education. There were 246,832 full-time state employees and 62,802 part-time state employees. Work performed by temporary and/or contract workers who worked for more than half the workdays during the previous year equaled 966.47 FTEs. The overall statewide management-to-staff ratio was 1 manager to 13.96 staff members.

Key Facts and Findings

Compared to the previous quarter, overall FTEs increased by 0.53 percent. Compared to the third quarter of 1999, state employment decreased by 0.22 percent. Total statewide employment has increased 2.12 percent over the past five years. Since 1995, the number of FTEs working in public safety and criminal justice agencies and at institutions of higher education has increased significantly. Higher education increased by nearly 14,000 FTEs, and public safety and criminal justice agencies increased by over 6,000 FTEs. During this time, the number of FTEs working in social services agencies decreased by nearly 12,000 FTEs.

Four entities exceeded their quarterly FTE caps, set by the Legislature, without approval from the Legislature Budget Board and the Office of the Governor. Institutions of higher education are subject to annual caps; information on their compliance will be reported at the end of the fiscal year.

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