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Multiple Agencies

A Quarterly Report on Full-Time Equivalent State Employees for the Quarter Ending February 28, 2002

May 2002

Report Number 02-704

Overall Conclusion

Texas had the equivalent of 277,339 state employees for the second quarter of fiscal year 2002. State employees consisted of 250,019 full-time employees and 78,777 part-time employees. A full-time equivalent (FTE) is equal to the total hours paid for all state employees divided by the work hours in the quarter. FTEs do not equal the actual number of state employees, as two or more part-time employees might equal one FTE.

The statewide management-to-staff ratio was 1 manager to 14.7 staff members. State agencies are required to develop procedures for achieving a ratio of 1 manager to 11 staff members.

Key Facts and Findings

  • The number of FTEs decreased slightly (0.24 percent) from the first quarter of 2002 to this quarter. Compared to a year ago, FTEs have increased by almost two percent.

  • Slightly more than half of the State's FTEs worked in state agencies while the remainder worked for higher education institutions. Over half of higher education FTEs were paid with appropriated funds.

  • Five agencies exceeded their quarterly FTE caps without approval from the Legislative Budget Board and the Office of the Governor.

  • Thirty-four agencies and 11 institutions of higher education reported using temporary or contract workers to perform work equal to 1,043 FTEs. These temporary and contract workers worked more than half of the workdays in the previous 12 months.

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