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An Annual Report on Full-Time Classified State Employee Turnover for Fiscal Year 2002

December 2002

Report Number 03-704

Overall Conclusion

The statewide turnover rate of full-time classified employees for fiscal year 2002 was 14.8 percent, based on a total of 21,107 voluntary and involuntary separations. This is a 2.8 percentage point decrease from last year. The decrease is good news, but a loss of almost 15 percent of the workforce is still too high considering it cost the State more than $227 million.

The statewide turnover rate excludes interagency transfers to more accurately reflect separations from State employment. The total turnover of 22,696 people (which includes interagency transfers) is used for the remainder of the report because those transfers result in turnover at the agency level.

Key Facts and Findings

  • The Bureau of National Affairs reports 12.4 percent turnover nationwide for the twelve-month period covering July 1, 2001, to June 30, 2002.
  • Bordering states averaged 14.1 percent turnover.
  • Major Texas cities and counties averaged 11.4 percent turnover.
  • State governments participating in a 2002 International Personnel Management Association (IPMA) survey reported an average of 10 percent turnover.

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