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An Audit Report on Workforce Management at the Texas Lottery Commission

July 2006

Report Number 06-047

Overall Conclusion

The Texas Lottery Commission (Agency) has significant weaknesses in its employee relations practices, including a lack of policies and procedures for employee grievances and complaints, inconsistent disciplinary actions, inadequate documentation of terminations, and inconsistent employee performance evaluations. The Agency also has significant weaknesses in its training of supervisors and its recruitment and hiring of new employees.

As a result of these weaknesses, the Agency has not established a positive work environment for all levels of its employees and is not managing the potential risk that employee relations actions can pose to the Agency and the State, such as formal complaints and lawsuits brought by employees. Complaints and lawsuits can result in financial cost to the Agency, damage the Agency's reputation, and divert time away from conducting core business. Agency management can reduce the risk of complaints and litigation, while creating a more positive, constructive work environment, by improving how it manages its workforce.

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