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A Biennial Report on the State's Classification Plan

September 2006

Report Number 07-702

Overall Conclusion

The State's Position Classification Plan (Plan) provides the salary structure for 142,521 regular, full-time classified employees within the State (excluding employees of higher education institutions). The State Auditor's Office has statutory responsibility to:

- Maintain and keep the Plan current.

- Make recommendations that are necessary and desirable about the operation of the Plan and for improvement of the Plan to the Governor and the Legislature.

- Make periodic studies of salary rates in other governmental units and in industry for similar work performed in state government and report this information to the Governor and the Legislative Budget Board.

Because the Plan is part of the General Appropriations Act, legislative action is required when changes are made to it. This report provides the results of our analysis and our recommendations for changes to keep the Plan current. Implementing these changes would make the Plan more flexible and equitable for the state agencies using it. A total of 10,428 employees would be affected by the recommended Plan changes. The minimum estimated cost to the state agencies of implementing these changes would be approximately $9.42 million for the 2008-2009 biennium.

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