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A Report on Classified Employee Turnover for Fiscal Year 2006

December 2006

Report Number 07-706

Overall Conclusion

The statewide turnover rate for full- and part-time, classified employees in fiscal year 2006 was 15.8 percent, based on a total of 22,905 voluntary and involuntary separations. This is a 6.2 percent decrease in separations when compared to the previous fiscal year. However, excluding involuntary separations and retirements decreases the state turnover rate to 10.6 percent. This rate is often considered a true turnover rate because it reflects preventable turnover.

Almost one-fourth of the State's turnover in fiscal year 2006 was involuntary. The State experienced a 0.8 percent decrease in the number of voluntary separations from fiscal year 2005 (15,439) to fiscal year 2006 (15,315).

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