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A Classification Compliance Review Report on the Water Development Board

August 2007

Report Number 07-711

Overall Conclusion

A total of 211 (85 percent) of the 247 employee positions reviewed at the Water Development Board (Board) were appropriately classified within the State's Classification Plan. The Board has taken appropriate actions to address the 36 employee positions that were misclassified.

The Board has policies and procedures to review and monitor its classification of positions. These policies and procedures include a formal job classification policy and a process to review jobs through job audits. To strengthen its policy, the Board should develop and implement a process to review current job classifications on an annual basis. This process could be accomplished by:

- Reviewing job classifications as a part of conducting employee performance appraisals.

- Reviewing job classifications when jobs are posted and job descriptions are created.

Revising the Board's current policy will help ensure the Board complies with the State's Classification Plan.

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