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A Classification Study of Exempt Positions

July 2010

Report Number 10-706

Overall Conclusion

The market competitiveness of salary ranges and salaries for executive officer positions has improved since fiscal year 2008. The State Classification Team within the State Auditor's Office reviewed salaries and salary ranges for 83 executive officer positions and determined that the majority of those positions are assigned to salary groups with market competitive salary ranges. Specifically:

- 58 executive officer positions are placed within a market competitive salary range; however, 2 executive officers have salaries that are lower than the minimum salary of their assigned salary ranges.

- 15 executive officer positions are placed within a salary range that would limit the agency's ability to offer a market competitive salary.

- 10 executive officer positions are not assigned to a salary range.

Salaries for executive officer positions are, on average, 18 percent below the average market pay; however, this is an improvement from fiscal year 2008, when salaries were, on average, 27 percent behind the average market pay.

Although the State provides a comprehensive benefits package and multiple tools to recruit and retain employees, incentives such as one-time merit increases do not exist for executive officer positions (but those increases do exist for most other state employees).

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