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A Follow-up Audit Report on the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner

April 2012

Report Number 12-026

Overall Conclusion

The Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (Office) fully implemented 10 (91 percent) of 11 recommendations that auditors selected for follow up from An Audit Report on the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (State Auditor's Office Report No. 09-003, September 2008). Specifically, of the 11 recommendations selected for follow-up audit work:

- The Office fully implemented three recommendations regarding its licensee examination process.

- The Office fully implemented two recommendations regarding its complaint resolution process, and its implementation of one recommendation regarding its complaint resolution process is incomplete/ongoing.

- The Office fully implemented four recommendations regarding its licensing of motor vehicle sales finance dealers.

- The Office fully implemented the recommendation to strengthen its information technology as the State Auditor's Office had recommended in 2007 (see An Audit Report on Performance Measures at the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner, State Auditor's Office Report No. 07-039, July 2007).

While the Office has made significant progress in implementing most of the prior audit recommendations, it should continue its efforts to strengthen its complaint resolution process. Specifically, although the Office has policies and procedures to guide its complaint resolution process, it does not consistently ensure that it properly documents in its database the reason complaints are open for more than 90 days.

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