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Guide to Performance Measure Management 2012 Edition

March 2012

Report Number 12-333

Overall Conclusion

The Guide to Performance Measure Management - 2012 Edition has been developed primarily to help agencies gain an overall understanding of the State's performance measurement system as a part of Texas's Strategic Planning and Performance Budgeting (SPPB) System. The 2012 edition has been updated with the latest information.

This Guide seeks to:

- Identify the Governor's and Legislature's expectations for agency management's involvement in performance measures.

- Explain the role of performance measures within the SPPB System: strategic planning, performance budgeting, and performance monitoring.

- Provide basic information about performance measures, such as:

- - How and when changes to measures can be made.

- - What roles the Legislative Budget Board (LBB); Governor's Office of Budget, Planning, and Policy (GOBPP); and State Auditor's Office (SAO) play in performance measurement.

- - How the Legislature uses measures when developing the General Appropriations Act.

- Help agencies prepare for SAO performance measure certification audits by explaining the audit process.

- Provide agencies with information regarding the importance of using performance measures.

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