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A Report on the Self-reported Implementation of Sunset Advisory Commission Management Actions

July 2014

Report Number 14-038

Overall Conclusion

The State Auditor’s Office has obtained the following entities’ self-reported implementation status for 23 non-statutory recommendations (management actions) in the Sunset Advisory Commission Report to the 83rd Legislature:

- Texas Board of Architectural Examiners.

- Texas Commission on the Arts.

- State Employee Charitable Campaign.

- Texas Ethics Commission.

- Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

- Texas Lottery Commission.

- State Preservation Board.

- Railroad Commission.

The entities reported that:

- They had fully or substantially implemented 16 (69 percent) of the 23 management actions.

- The implementation of 5 (22 percent) of the 23 management actions was incomplete or ongoing.

- Two (9 percent) of the 23 management actions had not been implemented.

A table in the report summarizes the self-reported implementation status of the management actions at the entities included in this report.

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Download the Acrobat version of this report. (.pdf)