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A Classification Compliance Audit Report on Program Specialist and Program Supervisor Positions at the Department of Aging and Disability Services

August 2016

Report Number 16-705

Overall Conclusion

A total of 356 (57.7 percent) of 617 employees tested at the Department of Aging and Disability Services (Department) were misclassified in accordance with the State's Position Classification Plan. The employees tested were classified within the program specialist and program supervisor job classification series. In previous classification compliance reviews of program specialist positions at other state agencies, 924 (31.4 percent) of 2,938 employees reviewed were misclassified. The Department self-reported the classification information on which this audit focused.

Of the 356 misclassified employees, 315 (88.5 percent) were misclassified because the Department did not use a more appropriate, occupationally specific job classification series. For example, to correct one misclassification that auditors identified, the Department reclassified an employee in the program specialist job classification series to a contract specialist job classification.

The Health and Human Services Commission's human resources office reported that the Department will spend $332,445 annually to properly classify and compensate 119 of the 356 misclassified employees. There was no cost associated with addressing the classification of the remaining misclassified employees. No employees will receive a decrease in salary as a result of this audit.

Table 1 summarizes the misclassifications identified during this audit.

Table 2 presents a summary of the findings in this report and the related issue rating. (See Appendix 2 for more information about the issue rating classifications and descriptions.)

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