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An Audit Report on Selected Facilities Support Services Agreements and Special Projects at Selected Universities in the Texas A&M University System

April 2018

Summary Analysis

The audited universities in the Texas A&M University System (System) should (1) perform and document contract risk analysis as required by Texas Education Code, Section 51.9337, and (2) work with the Legislative Budget Board (LBB) to ensure that they consistently report contract values, contract types, and details of their procurement through facilities support services agreements (FSSAs).

Three of the four universities audited should improve certain contract management processes for their FSSAs, while one of the audited universities performed sufficient FSSA performance and fiscal monitoring.

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The audited universities did not provide evidence showing that they had performed the required risk analysis process for the contracts audited.

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The audited universities reported all of the selected contracts to the LBB; however, they did not report those contracts consistently.

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Texas A&M University - San Antonio (TAMU San Antonio) should (1) document its monitoring processes of FSSA contractor performance and (2) enhance its fiscal monitoring and FSSA change approval process to ensure that it pays the correct amount for services it receives. In addition, TAMU San Antonio should ensure that employees who administer FSSAs obtain the required contract training and certifications.

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Texas A&M International University (TAMU International) should improve its process to oversee procurement of special projects under the FSSA. Additionally, TAMU International should ensure that employees who administer FSSAs obtain required contract training and certifications.

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Texas A&M University – Commerce (TAMU Commerce) performed FSSA performance and fiscal monitoring and oversight of a procurement of a special project under the FSSA, but it should consistently perform required quarterly surveys to monitor the FSSA.

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Texas A&M University Central Texas (TAMU Central Texas) had sufficient processes to monitor the FSSA contractor performance and its payment processes.

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