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A Summary Report on Senate Bill 1289 Provisions Related to the Water Development Board’s Financial Assistance of Construction Projects

December 2018

Summary Analysis

The Water Development Board (Board) asserted in their December 1, 2018 report to the State Auditor’s Office that enactment of Senate Bill 1289, relating to the purchase of iron and steel products made in the United States, resulted in immediate changes to five of the Board’s State financial assistance programs.

The Board sent a survey to determine the impact of Senate Bill 1289 on political subdivisions that received financial assistance from the Board during fiscal year 2017. The Board reported there was no impact based on limited responses to a survey sent to 70 entities representing 83 projects.

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Figure 1 presents information on the number of applicants and recipients of federal and state financial assistance programs in fiscal year 2017 compared to the number of recipients that were surveyed and responded regarding the impact of Senate Bill 1289 on their construction projects.

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