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An Annual Report on Classified Employee Turnover for Fiscal Year 2018

December 2018

Summary Analysis

The fiscal year 2018 statewide turnover rate was 19.3 percent for classified, regular, full- and part-time employees. That turnover rate is based on 28,684 separations. Those separations included both voluntary and involuntary separations. The fiscal year 2018 statewide turnover rate was the highest turnover rate the State has experienced in the past five fiscal years.

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The statewide turnover rate for classified, regular, full- and part-time employees for fiscal year 2018 was 19.3 percent based on a total of 28,684 voluntary and involuntary separations, excluding interagency transfers, and a statewide average headcount of 148,287. The statewide turnover rate during the past five fiscal years has ranged from a low of 17.5 percent in fiscal year 2014 to a current high of 19.3 percent in fiscal year 2018.

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The information in this chapter reflects the fiscal year 2018 turnover that is considered a loss to the State; therefore, separations attributable to a transfer from one state agency to another state agency or higher education institution are excluded because interagency transfers are not considered a loss to the State as a whole. This chapter presents turnover rates for several types of demographic groups.

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Based on 3,730 employee exit surveys (not including employees from higher education institutions), the top 3 reasons employees reported in exit surveys for voluntarily leaving employment at their state agencies during fiscal year 2018 were:

  • Retirement.
  • Better pay/benefits.
  • Poor working conditions/environment.

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