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Texas State Agencies' and Higher Education Institutions' Workforce Summaries for the 86th Legislature

January 2019

Summary Analysis

The Texas State Agencies’ and Higher Education Institutions’ Workforce Summaries provide information, self-reported by the agency or institution, regarding employee turnover, full-time equivalent (FTE) employee trends, salary information, workforce demographics, veteran employment, and general workforce-related observations. This information was compiled by the State Auditor’s Office’s State Classification Team.

The workforce summaries are available on the State Auditor's Office - Classification Web site along with a detailed legend that provides additional information regarding the data contained in the summaries.

The demographic data and employee turnover data for state agencies is only for classified, regular full- and part-time employees (unless otherwise noted), while the demographic and employee data for higher education institutions includes administrators, faculty, and staff.

Agencies and higher education institutions had an opportunity to review the summaries and provide feedback.

Graphics, Media, Supporting documents

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