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A Report on The State Auditor's Office's Methodology for Examining the Investigation and Prosecution Processes for Reported Sexual Assaults in Texas

December 2019

Summary Analysis

In accordance with House Bill 1 (86th Legislature, Regular Session), the State Auditor's Office has developed a methodology for examining the investigation and prosecution processes for reported adult and child sexual assaults in Texas from January 1, 2014, through December 31, 2018. Auditors will perform the following work to address the requirements of House Bill 1:

  • Collect and analyze statewide data on adult and child sexual assaults reported by local law enforcement and district clerks' offices to the Department of Public Safety and the Office of Court Administration.
  • Perform on-site visits of select local law enforcement, district attorneys' offices, and district clerks' offices.
  • Conduct a statewide survey.

The methodology described in this report is subject to change, as necessary, to ensure that the State Auditor's Office obtains sufficient, appropriate evidence for providing a reasonable basis for the reported findings and conclusions.

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