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A Report on Health and Human Services Commission Contracts

March 2020

Summary Analysis

Texas Government Code, Section 321.013(k), requires that, in devising its audit plan, the State Auditor’s Office shall consider performing audits of Health and Human Services Commission (Commission) contracts that exceed $100 million in annual value, including contracts between the Commission and managed care organizations. Based on unaudited information from the Commission's System of Contract Operation and Reporting (SCOR), the State Auditor’s Office identified 98 contracts with a total value exceeding $100 million. According to information from SCOR, as of January 13, 2020, expenditures for those 98 contracts totaled approximately $149.5 billion.

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Forty-seven contracts for managed care services.

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Twenty-five long-term care contracts transitioned from the Department of Aging and Disability Services to the Commission during fiscal year 2017.

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Ten contracts related to various aspects of operating Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance, Medical Transportation, and administrative programs; and other medical/enrollment services.

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Six interlocal contracts related to mental health services.

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Six contracts related to information technology.

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Four construction contracts.

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