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An Audit Report on Contracting Processes at the Texas State University System

July 2020

Summary Analysis

The Texas State University System (System) had processes to ensure that it plans and procures contracts in accordance with applicable requirements. However, it should strengthen its processes to ensure that (1) vendor proposals are properly scored, (2) required conflict of interest and non-disclosure statements are completed, and (3) its contracts include the clauses required by System policy.

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The System performed certain contract planning and procurement tasks in compliance with applicable requirements.

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The System did not have a process in place to ensure that vendor proposals were accurately scored and ranked. For example, evaluators did not consistently use the same scoring weight, and all evaluator scores were not always included in the final ranking. Additionally, the System did not always ensure that every employee involved in the contracting procurement process completed conflict of interest, non-disclosure agreement, and nepotism disclosure forms.

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While the System ensured that the contracted scope of work was substantially the same as the solicited scope of work for all 11 applicable contracts tested , the System should ensure that its contracts contain all of the clauses required by the System’s Contract Management Handbook. In addition, the System reviewed and approved a majority of the applicable contracts prior to execution in accordance with its policies and procedures.

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The System had processes to ensure that contract change orders were approved and that the contracts were closed out in accordance with its policies. However, the System should strengthen its review of contract payments.

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The System complied with certain statutory contracting requirements such as developing a contract management handbook and completing training requirements.

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The System posted all 28 of its contracts greater than $15,000 that were active at any time from September 1, 2018, through November 30, 2019, to its website as required by Texas Government Code, Section 2261.253. However, the System did not consistently report contracts to the Legislative Budget Board in accordance with the General Appropriations Act.

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