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Audit Reports Affecting Multiple Agencies

A Biennial Report of the Adjustment to the Classified Salary Schedule

Report Number 95-010

We recommend that the classified salary schedule be increased by 2.0 percent for each year of the 1996-1997 biennium. National salary structure increases for the private sector average 2.8 percent for 1994, while public sector salary structure increases average 3.0 percent for 1994. National salary budget increases average 4.1 percent for 1994.

In general, salary surveys reflect that state classified benchmark job salaries lag behind the local labor and industry markets by 6.0 percent. However, the State's benefits package leads the national percentage average by 5.5 percent.

The cost of living, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, has exceeded the classified salary schedule increase for the past five years, resulting in classified employees experiencing a loss in real earnings.

The State has not experienced significant recruitment and retention difficulties this biennium; however, a competitive salary schedule continues to be vital in order to attract and retain qualified state employees.

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