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Audit Reports Affecting Multiple Agencies

Full-Time Classified State Employee Turnover Report Fiscal Year 1994

Report Number 95-040

Statewide turnover for the 124,340 full-time classified employees was 13.26 percent for fiscal year 1994.

There were 15 agencies that experienced turnover rates greater than 20 percent (excluding agencies with fewer than 15 employees).

Employee turnover is highest in the classifications in the lower salary groups, specifically Salary Group 05 and below.

There were 33 class series with employee turnover rates greater than 20 percent (excluding class series with less than 15 incumbents).

The most frequent reason stated for the terminations was "personal reasons not related to the job." The second most frequently stated reason was "retirement," as a result of the early retirement incentive offered during this biennium.

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