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Multiple Agencies

An Annual Report on Full-Time Classified State Employee Turnover Fiscal Year 1995

March 1996

Report Number 96-705

Overall Conclusion

The fiscal year 1995 turnover rate of 13.51 percent for full-time classified employees within the State of Texas appears to be in line with local, state, and national averages.

Key Facts and Findings

  • Personal reasons not related to the job, retirement, or interagency transfers were the top three reasons for classified employees leaving employment within a state agency. Inadequate salary and dismissal for cause were other top reasons, primarily for employees In lower salary groups.
  • There were 16 agencies that experienced turnover rates greater than 20 percent (excluding those with less than 20 employees). Those with excessively high turnover were due to reductions-in-force, transfers of an agency program to another agency, or temporary projects.
  • There were two occupational categories, Medical and Library, Archives, and Records, with turnover rates greater than 20 percent. In addition, there were 30 class series that had turnover greater than 20 percent. Inadequate salary was listed as a top reason for 11 of these.
  • Employee turnover was highest in classifications in the lower salary groups, specifically Salary Group 05 and below.

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