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Audit Reports Affecting Multiple Agencies

A Special Report on Positions Exempt from the Classification Plan

August 1996

Report Number 96-716

Overall Conclusion

Discrepancies and inconsistencies between the State's Classification Plan and those positions exempt from the Plan need to be addressed to ensure the State's compensation plan for both classified positions and exempt positions are equitable and consistent.

Key Facts And Findings

Approximately 64 percent of exempt positions have salary rates that fall within the Classification Salary Schedule. Many of these exempt positions perform work comparable to classified positions.

Of exempt titles, 26 percent are not being utilized by agencies.

Of exempt titles, 41 percent have unlimited authorization as to the number of incumbents per title.

Job descriptions are not developed for all exempt titles. Job descriptions will serve as documents that are a legally defensible basis for compensation determination, salary administration, and staffing actions.

Termination reason codes for positions exempt from the Classification Plan are not currently tracked.

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