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Audit Reports Affecting Multiple Agencies

A Biennial Report on Recommended Changes to the Classification Plan

September 1996

Report Number 96-718

Overall Conclusion

We recommend making changes to the Position Classification Plan (Plan) in order to ensure it is able to meet the changing needs of the State and labor market. The cumulative effect of these changes would result in a reduction in the number of classes in the Plan from 1,148 classes to a more manageable 773 classes. The benefits of implementing these changes would include making the Plan more flexible, equitable, and user-friendly for the state agencies using it. The estimated cost of implementing these changes would range between $3,815,244 and $8,631,228 per year, or approximately 0.1 percent to 0.3 percent of the annual current payroll costs for classified employees.

Key Facts And Findings

To reduce the number of obsolete, unutilized, underutilized, or redundant classes, 422 classes should be deleted from the Plan.

To accommodate new duties and functions and revise current class series to better reflect the market and needs of state agencies, 47 classes should be added to the Plan.

To enable the State to effectively recruit and retain employees in those positions whose current salary ranges are significantly behind the salaries of comparable positions in the external labor market, 41 classes should be reallocated to higher salary groups within the Plan.

To create title consistency within class series, to better accommodate the use of dual career tracks, and to delete references to specific agencies, 215 class titles should be changed within the Plan.

To ensure that all classes are properly grouped according to function, 222 class numbers should be changed.

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