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Audit Reports Affecting Multiple Agencies

A Quarterly Report of Full-Time Equivalent State Employees for the Quarter Ending February 28, 1997

May 1997

Overall Conclusion

There were 269,174 full-time equivalent (FTE) state employees for the quarter ending February 28, 1997, according to reports filed by 213 state agencies and institutions of higher education.

Key Facts and Findings

There were 246,687 full-time state employees and 67,607 part-time state employees.

In comparison to the quarter ending November 30, 1996, the number of FTE employees in state agencies increased by 1,278, and the number of employees in state institutions of higher education decreased by 1,589. This resulted in a net decrease of 311 (0.12 percent).

The largest increase in FTEs (322) occurred at the Texas Department of Transportation as a result of overtime worked due to inclement winter weather. The Texas Youth Commission reported an increase of 283 FTE employees as a result of the transfer of the Hamilton Unit from the Texas Department of Corrections. Several of the legislative agencies experienced increases in FTEs because of seasonal hiring for the legislative session. The Adjutant General's Department FTE count increased by 76 to support two federally funded vehicle repair programs.

The largest decreases in FTEs occurred at several institutions of higher education as a result of decreased staffing levels for the Spring semester.

After adjusting for agencies without FTE target levels and institutions of higher education by removing them from the analysis, the number of FTE employees (152,001) in the remaining 132 agencies is 6.20 percent below the adjusted overall FTE target level of 161,426.

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