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Multiple Agencies

A Biennial Report on Recommended Changes to the Position Classification Plan

May 1998

Report Number 98-706

Overall Conclusion

The Position Classification Plan (Plan) should be changed in order to ensure it adequately meets the needs of state agencies and properly compensates the State's classified employees. Implementation of these changes would also make the Plan more equitable and achieve greater salary parity among agencies statewide. The estimated cost of implementing these changes would range between $8,184,431 and $30,032,819 for the biennium.

Key Facts and Findings

  • These recommendations are the vital next step needed in achieving salary parity among agencies statewide. The process of achieving parity was started with the creation of Salary Schedules A, B, and C last session.
  • While some of the recommendations will have a fiscal impact, the initial costs incurred appear to outweigh the higher costs associated with turnover.
  • The cumulative effect of the recommended Plan changes would be a reduction in the number of classes in the Plan from 1,607 to a more manageable 902.
  • The creation of a general Manager and Director class series would allow the deletion of a significant number of agency-specific titles and foster the establishment of a foundation for salary parity among managerial positions statewide.

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